Trust & Safety

GFE Tours prides itself on trust, our team fosters that trust and assist our clientele to travel overseas with more confidence. You should think of us as your personal concierge vanguard, and we’re always dreaming up new ways to help keep our clients satisfied from every aspect while presenting an unprecedented vacation experience. Privacy is our top priority, which is why GFE Tours offers its clients NDA’s to personally assure them that non of our employees or agents will violate that trust.


GFE Tours only works with trusted and personally vetted Modeling Agencies to make sure your GFE vacation always exceeds your expectations. GFE Tours manages screened and fully trained workforce that consists of personal Chauffeurs, Chefs, Concierge, Maids and personal Security. Our business thrives and depends on its reputation so you can rest assure that GFE Tours will cater to every aspect of your needs.


GFE Tours personally visits each accommodation before its offered to our clients, we experience and inspect every angle to present most exquisite stress free vacation experience one can only dream of. Each accommodation is offered with daily maid services, on demand grocery/liquor delivery services, FREE WIFI and satellite televisions. Each accommodation has been vetted by us to insure your safety and privacy.




No Credit card necessary. Simply choose options best suited for you and we will do the rest !

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