Which are the best restaurants/clubs in Cartagena ?

Registered members receive our comprehensive Cartagena guide where you will find best restaurants and clubs in town. All of our clients also receive complementary local concierge butler who will be available 24/7 to address all of your needs.

What about the Models ?

Colombia was blessed with gorgeous women who take their beauty to another level. Colombians pride themselves on winning various Beauty Pageants throughout the world and GFE Tours is very fortunate to exclusively have the opportunity to work with some of the most Elite Modeling agencies throughout Colombia. GFE companion rates vary, but we promise you it’s nowhere near prices found in USA or Europe…

Can I drink tap water in Colombia?

Although major cities have excellent running water systems making tap water perfectly drinkable, we advise our guests to drink bottled water. Showers are very safe and there shouldn’t be any concerns.

Where should I exchange money?

Upon arrival in Colombia, it is easy to exchange foreign currency at the airport or at one of the local banks. However, we recommend our guests to retrieve Colombian pesos at a local secured ATM using their debit cards, since ATMs provide the best exchange rates. For the most part everyone in Cartagena accept $USD but you might need some pocket change for sodas and things of that nature.

How much will a taxi cost from the airport?

Nothing !!! We will pick you up from the airport and personally escort you to your accommodations.

Is Cartagena Safe?

Yes. 99.99% of visitors will spend their entire time in the areas of the walled city, Getsemani, Manga, Bocagrande, Castillogrande and La Boquilla. Nothing in life is certain, but it is extremely unlikely that you will encounter anything that could be considered unsafe in these neighborhoods. There is a huge police presence in and around these areas (especially Centro and Getsemani), which may intimidate you initially and make you wonder why they could possibly need so many police, but you get accustomed to them soon enough and their presence seems mostly one of deterrence. After the unfortunate period of violence during the late 20th century, the safety conditions in Colombia have greatly improved. Thanks to strong political and military campaigns against communist rebels and drug trafficking, Colombia is now a safe country for both citizens and foreign visitors.

You are traveling to a developing country, so be aware of what and who is surrounding you, and have common sense to avoid trouble. You should exercise caution as you would in any other big city in the world!

Do I need to bring an adapter for my electronics?

If you are coming from the USA or Canada, there is no need to worry since the outlets in Colombia are the same: 110V 60Hz. If you are coming from Europe where the standard is 220V, you will need an adapter to 110V 60Hz to be able to use your electronics in Colombia.

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